Pam & Rachel De Luca
'Graceland has become Rachel's home away from home'

Back in November, 2014 my daughter Rachel decided that she wanted to advance her riding in the hunter/jumper ring.  At a local MHA show, she found her next trainer - Kim Laursen with Pyramid Sport Horse.  We were delighted to begin training with Kim and not only did Kim immediately connect with Rachel, she found us an amazing horse to full lease and immediately began her training business at Graceland Equestrian Center.  "We fell in love!"  When do all three things fall into place at the same time - excellent trainer, perfect horse and amazing barn and facility!!  Put it this way, Graceland has become Rachel's home away from home.  

There is such a cohesive and friendly environment between all of the boarders and various trainers throughout the barn. Everyone cooperates and communicates positively all the time.  This is a tribute to Peggy and Chuck Moore who are the owners of Graceland Equestrian Center. Not only do they provide a warm and friendly environment, but they are extremely devoted and dedicated to the care of the horses and facilities on their property.  Chuck is constantly fixing things and improving facilities and Peggy is making sure that each horse and rider are cared for.  They are a true team which makes all boarders feel very welcomed and a part of their team.

Pam and Rachel De Luca,